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Tool for PDF documents manipulation provides a set of very useful tool for manipulation of PDF documents:

  • Selected pages extractor - the tool which generates a new PDF which contains only selected pages of other PDF
  • PDFs merger - the tool for merging two or more PDF documents into a single PDF document
  • Photo to PDF converter - the tool which generates PDF document containing provided photos/images on its consequtive pages
  • Whole page text - the tool for generating a page (PDF document) which contains provided text. The text is centered and scaled to fill the whole page.

Described tools are very useful e.g. when there is a need to create single PDF document from multiple independent photos/images or documents. As an example it might be a letter to an Office/Court with multiple attachments. Having a letter to an Office/Court in a form of single PDF is very comfortable.

Most often the parts of other documents or photos/images are used as attachments of the final document/letter. Using Selected pages extractor its possible to change attachments to contain only needed pages. Using Photo to PDF converter we receive photos/images in pdf format, which makes it possible to attach these to the final document/letter.

PDFs merger is for joining main document with the attachments into the final document/letter. Sometimes it is necessary to separate the attachments. Great solution for this is to insert single page with attachment title before each attachment. For whole page texts/titles generation there is Whole page text generator.

The described tools make it easy to prepare a letter to an Office/Court.